(Last Updated On: March 24, 2023)
Air Purifier Austin Air Healthmate Junior Plus Location Alexandria, Kentucky

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a condition that many people suffer from in their everyday lives. People living with the condition experience sensitivity to chemicals that they can be exposed to on a regular basis. The condition can cause sufferers to experience reactions such as headaches, dizziness, and sneezing.

Air Purifiers Can Reduce Chemical Fumes and Residue

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a condition that Austin Air had in mind when they designed the Healthmate Junior Plus air purifier. This model of air purifier caters to those with MCS and is able to eliminate chemicals from the air that affect sufferers. Not only does the Healthmate Junior Plus eliminate chemical fumes from the air, it is also equipped with a powerful HEPA filter that is able to deliver better performance than that of a regular air purifier. The unit is able to eliminate harmful particles and contaminants, as well as chemicals, from indoor air.

The importance of clean indoor air is often overlooked. For a person suffering from MCS, the quality of the indoor air can determine a good day or bad day. Kent Farmer of Alexandria, Kentucky suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and has found relief from his condition with the Healthmate Junior Plus air purifier that he uses at work. Mr. Farmer works in finance, which is typically considered a safe industry job, free from exposure to chemical toxins. In theory, most offices have fairly clean air and are not exposed to any toxic contaminants. The most obvious chemically-exposed places include manufacturing plants and beauty salons. Mr. Farmer found, however, that his office was not free from all chemicals, and he was having significant reactions on a daily basis. Cleaning supplies that were used in the office irritated his throat and eyes. Fumes from coworkers’ perfumes or hygiene products also affected Mr. Farmer’s health. He had trouble being productive due to constant reactions to the chemicals present in his office. He eventually researched air purifiers on the internet and discovered that Austin Air Junior air purifiers address MCS.

Mr. Farmer decided to invest in an Austin Air purifier to help him keep his office air free of contaminants and chemicals. He chose the Healthmate Junior Plus from Austin Air because of its compact size and design. Healthmate Junior air purifiers specialize in ridding the air of chemicals, toxins, particles, and contaminants. They are also equipped with potassium iodide which is added to the activated carbon-zeolite compound. The compound is able to absorb and eliminate any chemicals or fumes from the air. These air purifiers contain six pounds of media to ensure optimal performance and adsorption of the chemicals.

The Healthmate Junior Plus was the best choice for Mr. Farmer, not only for its effectiveness, but also for its size. The unit is 16.5 inches in height and 11 inches wide. Such a compact design lends the unit well to easy placement in an office setting. The unit can be set on different fan speeds and Mr. Farmer can even run the air purifier through the night at his office so the space will be chemical-free the following morning. Healthmate Junior Plus air purifiers weigh 18 pounds and quite portable. When Mr. Farmer has a meeting in the conference room or needs to work in a different place, he is easily able to transport the unit with him, allowing him to breathe fresher air in any room.

Mr. Farmer found relief from his condition by using the Healthmate Junior Plus. Austin Air engineered these air purifiers with specific focus on MCS symptoms. He is now able to concentrate on his office work instead of his symptoms. With the air purifier running, Mr. Farmer can breathe fresh and safe air without worry about chemical reactions. Thanks to the Healthmate Junior Plus, his Multiple Chemical Sensitivity no longer rules his work life.

Air purifiers are often prescribed for this condition by a doctor and paid for by health insurance.