(Last Updated On: March 24, 2023)

Best Air Purifiers for MCS

It is still debatable as to whether Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is considered a true medical condition or simply a sensitivity. However, for the people who suffer from this condition, it can be one of the most frustrating and disruptive conditions with which to live.

Every Day Chemicals like Perfumes

MCS is an extremely sensitivity to many different everyday chemicals, including paint fumes, hair-styling spray, perfumes, and air fresheners. Since most of these chemicals cannot be avoided on a daily basis, those suffering from the condition often feel the symptoms every day. Symptoms of MCS include itchy and watery eyes, dizziness, sore throat, and even nausea. For MCS sufferers, removing any chemical fumes from a home’s indoor air is the best and healthiest way for them to live. With a chemical-free home, MCS sufferers can have a safe haven from this condition.

For a person suffering from severe MCS, choosing an air purifier from a market full of so many different types can be challenging; it is also the most important decision one can make. One of the best series of air cleaners for a person with severe MCS to consider is the IQAir GC series which specializes in removing certain types of chemicals from the air. The air purifiers contain pre-filters to catch large particles, four gas cartridges that are equipped with media to eliminate chemicals, and post-filters that destroy any other toxins present in the air. Some of the chemicals that GC air purifiers can remove include chlorine, butane, chloroform, ammonia, tobacco smoke, methanol, and carbon dioxide.

One who suffers from a moderate case of MCS may not need such a specific series of air purifiers. A moderate sufferer may want consider investing in air purifiers such as the Allerair 6000 Vocarb or the Austin Air Healthmate Plus. The 6000 Vocarb is a good unit for a moderate MCS sufferer, because it specializes in removing many daily chemicals in homes such as formaldehyde and ammonia. These common chemicals can be what trigger the symptoms in many moderate MCS sufferers. The 6000 Vocarb uses a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter in order to remove contaminants from indoor air. With this three step process, particles and chemicals are easily eliminated by the unit, and the air that is released is free of the MCS triggers. The Healthmate Plus is a model that contains a superblend mixture of media to destroy volatile chemicals that may be present in a home’s air. The unit contains a pre-filter, standard HEPA filter, and an activated carbon-zeolite mix that also contains potassium iodide. This mixture of media can absorb and terminate all chemicals and odors that are present in the air. With the help of top chemical removing air purifiers on the market, an MCS sufferer can breathe easier while at home.