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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a challenging disease, but you can live your normal life with appropriate medical care and symptom management. Since COPD is an irreversible, progressive disease, an air purifier is not a substitute for the medical treatment a doctor will prescribe. However, air purifiers can greatly improve your quality of life by filtering out the particles that irritate sensitive airways and make breathing even more difficult for people with COPD. To learn more about how air purifiers can help sufferers of COPD.

What is the best air purifier for COPD?

Alen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier

AllerAir 5000 DS Air Purifier

Austin Air Allergy Machine Air Purifier

Alen T500 With HEPA-Silver Filter

Price $749.00 $899.98 $574.99 $214.00
Max Coverage 1300 SqFt 1000 SqFt 1500 SqFt 500 SqFt
Expert Rating Excellent Excellent Excellent Good
Expert Review The Alen BreatheSmart 75i features intelligent sensor technology that automatically adjusts to fluctuating air quality, trapping airborne allergens and particles when you need it most. Lights-off mode also quietly purifies the air around you without disturbing sleep. AllerAir’s 5000 DS air purifier was designed specifically to absorb the harmful chemicals, particles and odors released from cigar, cigarette and wildfire smoke. With its hefty 24 pound, deep-bedded carbon filter, micro-HEPA particle filter and specially made tar-trapping prefilter, the AllerAir 5000 DS air purifier has the industrial strength to combat extremely dangerous toxins.   Austin Air Allergy Machine air purifiers were created for pollen and dust concerns. The main filter consists of a HEPA element plus military carbon cloth. The filter combination is termed HEGA, for High Efficiency Gas Adsorption. Small and portable, the Alen T500 is an excellent choice for people who need their air purifier at work, or in their hotel rooms when they’re traveling. This version of the Alen T500 contains the same filter style as the Alen BreatheSmart FLEX for asthma and allergies: the HEPA-silver, perfect for chemicals, dust, allergens and much more.
Particles Removed 99.97% 99.97% 99% 94%
Warranty Forever Guarantee 10 Year Warranty 5 Year Warranty Forever Guarantee

What Makes An Air Purifier Effective for COPD?

Below we’ve  identified a few of the best air purifiers for people suffering from COPD and other respiratory illnesses. The criteria we used included:

What was it designed to filter out?

We looked for air purifiers that can specifically target the particles that people with COPD are most sensitive to: chemicals, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), allergens, and other irritants.

Does it help with asthma and allergies?

Asthma and allergies often go hand in hand with COPD, and when the sufferer does have an asthma or allergy attack, their breathing becomes significantly worse. So, we looked for air purifiers that will filter out the particles that exacerbate these conditions.

Does it contain a HEPA filter?

Removing up to 99% of particles that are .03 microns and larger, HEPA filters are the gold standard for powerful filtration. They are the best filters for people with COPD, who are sensitive to many different components in the air.

Does the filter contain activated carbon?

Activated carbon filters are ideal for filtering out chemicals. The carbon creates a natural, safe reaction with the Volatile Organic Compounds in the air that causes the VOCs to stick to the filter. We looked for filters that contain activated carbon, providing the extra layer of protection that people with sensitive airways need.

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