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 Product Review: Alen BreatheSmart 75i

The BreathSmart 75i is Alen’s air quality solution with impressive features and an improved HEPA filter

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By Jaimie Hart

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Alen has been developing their renowned BreatheSmart air purifiers, and the BreatheSmart 75i is undoubtedly an upgrade from the 45i. It has Smart control, modern features, a lower decibel noise level, and an improved true HEPA filter. It’s perfect for killing germs and removing harmful air particles of any size in various rooms.

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Alen is a company based in Austin, Texas, that’s been manufacturing air purifiers and filters since 2005. It considers itself an innovator in the air purifier industry. Its mission is to improve its customers’ quality of life by making the best air purification products possible. The company prides itself on being responsive to its customers by promptly addressing online questions and complaints and providing solutions to any problems that may arise with its products.

Alen also believes in giving back to its community. It has raised money for local animal shelters and donated meals to those in need. And during the COVID pandemic, Alen has donated air purifiers to hospitals and schools and helped get businesses and state governments safely back to work.

Families, teachers, and employees don’t need the stress of health issues that come with poor indoor air quality. An air purifier is one of the best solutions to improve your health. The Alen BreatheSmart 75i is a leading product that can give you customization and 99.99 percent of air particle removal. Customers agree that allergy symptoms are reduced, odors are eliminated, and the threat of viruses is minimal with the BreatheSmart 75i by their side.

The Alen BreathSmart 75i protects 1,300 square feet of space from 99.99% of harmful air particulates greater than 0.1 microns. This efficiency is all thanks to the true antibacterial HEPA filter that’s built to last and can take on large and small air particles. You’re also able to include an ionizer with this air purifier. This uses negative ions to create a static charge around contaminants in your room, removing particles and odors. The BreatheSmart 75i also includes activated carbon adsorbs chemicals, smoke, and toxic gases.

A unique opportunity with the BreatheSmart 75i is the ability to choose from four different specialized filters. You can choose from Pure, Fresh, Pet, and Heavy Odor. These different filters all expertly clean the air of harmful particles, but they can also target VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), particular odors, and pet dander.

Filter Options

  • Pure – True HEPA, Antibacterial; Removes allergens, dust, mold, germs, and bacteria
  • Fresh – True HEPA, Antibacterial; Removes allergens, dust, mold, germs, bacteria, cooking odor, smoke, and VOC’s
  • Pet – True HEPA, Antibacterial; Removes allergens, dust, mold, germs, bacteria, pet dander, and pet odor
  • Heavy Odor – True HEPA, Antibacterial; Removes allergens, dust, mold, germs, bacteria, pet dander, and pet odor

This air purifier has WhisperMax technology, so you won’t even notice this system cleaning the air every 30 minutes. It uses pink noise that’s less abrasive when compared to white noise, offers minimal disruptions throughout your day and night. The filter will last at least a year so that you can feel consistently protected from allergens, viruses, asthma triggers, and smoke. The BreatheSmart 75i can undoubtedly improve you and your family’s health with true HEPA, self-adjusted cleaning power, and a lifetime warranty.

Many individuals and families can benefit from the Alen BreatheSmart 75i because it has a trusted filtration system and customizable features. This air purifier is an excellent option for living rooms since it protects up to 1,300 square feet and removes 99.99% of dangerous air particulates. The impressive room coverage is also ideal for large offices, master bedrooms, and classrooms.

When it comes to bedrooms, you want a quiet filtration system so that you can sleep soundly. The pink noise omitted from the WhisperMax technology filtration system offers better sleep benefits than white noise. The quiet filtration is also beneficial for classrooms to focus on work, and students can dedicate more time to their studies. Your home office or even an office building can also increase productivity with the low noise level and health benefits from this air purifier.

Allergy and asthma sufferers can also depend on the Alen BreatheSmart 75i to reduce annoying symptoms and asthma attacks. The Antibacterial HEPA filter removes small and large particles, so chemicals, tree sap, pollen, and other allergens are captured so they don’t get into your respiratory system. This means you’ll have less frequent struggles with watery and itchy eyes, sinus congestion, coughing, and difficulty breathing.

The cost to purchase the Alen BreatheSmart 75i starts at $759. It may sound steep, but it can be a great value when considering the long filter life and lifetime warranty. While it can be an expensive option, you have the opportunity to finance the BreatheSmart 75i for as low as $63 per month with Affirm financing.

You can also take advantage of a filter subscription with Alen that saves you 5%. Typically the filter cost is $99, but it lasts a year even when you use it 24 hours a day. The low power consumption rating of 1.8 to 45 watts will also save you energy bills throughout the year. Every product from Alen also includes free shipping and a 60-day return policy. Therefore, the Alen BreatheSmart 75i is a premium air purifier with cost-saving options.

Many existing Alen customers decided to try out the 75i to see if it was as good or better than the other BreatheSmart options. While many have been impressed with the BreatheSmart and BreatheSmart45i, most people who bought the 75i found better room coverage and quieter features. The performance also seems to be a huge perk, with sufficient air pollution removal, Smart capabilities, and a touch display.

Customers also reported that an accommodating customer service team handled any issues with the BreatheSmart 75i. Alen offers a 60 Day Love It, Or Return It promise, so your satisfaction is a top priority. You get a lifetime warranty, so you get extra peace-of-mind owning this air purifier.

Customer Reviews:

I’m going to get a third for my den!

“I’ve had this air purifier for over nine months now. First, I got the 45i for my bedroom. Then after the first day of having it and seeing the drastic improvement in air quality, I purchased the 75i for my living room. The air is crisp and fresh. My allergies are completely gone, and no one believes I have three dogs. I recommend this air filter every tRead more about I’ve had this air purifier for over 9ime I get. I’m going to get a third for my den!”

Keita via Amazon

It is whisper quiet

“I had this since March 11. It is whisper quiet. The colors change when there’s stuff in the air. The best part it’s energy-efficient. Quiet, and you’re not buying filters every couple of months. It’s made in the USA. Does large areas.do not let the initial price scare you. You will save money over the long run in energy bills and filters.”

Luann via Amazon

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