(Last Updated On: May 8, 2023)

The issues that arise from indoor pets vary considerably depending upon the type of pet, number of pets, and how freely the pets roam the home. The days of rehoming pets due to allergies are long gone, because there are air purifiers designed specifically for the removal of indoor pet dander and odor. Below we review common problems associated with popular pets, as well as clean air solutions in each pet category by recommending specific home air purifiers.


Huge numbers of cat lovers are, sadly, allergic to their pets. However, recent science points out that the culprit is not their beautiful fur. Rather, cat saliva contains an allergen that deposits on its fur when a cat grooms itself by licking. When the saliva dries, it forms a very fine dust that is dispersed through the air when the kitty scratches or a loving owner strokes her. It is most unfortunate for allergic cat owners, since the best thing about having a companion cat is to sit and stroke it while listening to its pleasant purr.

Hairless cats are finding popularity, though in reality, there are no totally hypo-allergenic cats. Even hairless cats groom, and the dust accumulates on their skin. Cat lovers often experience hay fever-like symptoms, including itching eyes, running noses, skin rashes, and other such unpleasantries. As with other allergies, the human body reacts to the allergen by producing excessive histamine.

Allergies are rarely severe enough to part with your beloved cat. Running an air purifier continuously in the room where the cat spends the most time will dramatically improve the quality of the indoor air. If possible, we recommend that the cat not sleep in your bedroom. At the very least, run air purifiers in the room. The air purifier must be able to absorb both the fine dust and the floating fur in large quantities.

We also recommend washing the cat bedding, rugs, and other room fabrics often and buying litter that is not terribly dusty. You may also consider donning a surgical mask while washing and cleaning your home.


Birds compete with cats for the top honor of driving their allergy-prone owners crazy. We have had many customers lament over bird allergies throughout the years, and we know air purifiers can remedy the symptoms. Bird feathers are interlocking, and each time a bird moves, the tiny barbs that hold its feathers together rub against each other to produce a super fine dust. The bigger the bird, the more dust for your air purifiers to combat. Cockatoos and cockatiels seem to be the dustiest, perhaps because they are desert birds. Moreover, bird urine and feces can also contain allergens that turn into dust when they dry and become airborne. In the wild, Mother Nature sends wind and rain to keep birds clean, but both people and birds suffer from airborne particles that are trapped indoors.

A room air purifier with the capability of absorbing large quantities of super fine dust will help immensely in your bird room. If your bird species does not have much dander, but the odor bothers you, air purifiers with activated carbon will help.


Allergies to dogs can be as problematic as cats, although we find them less common among our customers. Any person, however, with allergic sensitivities or asthma, may have problems with animals. Dogs lick themselves, and the saliva dries and becomes airborne as tiny particles. The saliva may contain irritating allergens, as may dried urine. As with cats, there are no truly hypo-allergenic dogs, although certain breeds shed less, making it easier to keep clean air in your environment.

Room air purifiers in the key living areas will help clean up the airborne pollutants from living with man’s best friend. If your allergies are particularly troublesome, consider making your bedroom a dog-free zone. If that is not possible, use a home air purifier in the bedroom 24 hours a day; it is particularly helpful if you run it on the highest setting an hour before bedtime. We also recommend that bedding be washed weekly at a minimum. Electrostatic filters on the central heating system can work well with strategically placed room air purifiers to clean the entire house. Bathing your dogs regularly will help keep your indoor clean, as well. Room air purifiers with odor filters will catch both the particulate and the odors associated with family pets.

Other Furry Critters

Small furry rodents, like guinea pigs, gerbils, and hamsters, groom themselves, leaving saliva on their fur where it dries and flakes off. Pets in small cages come into frequent contact with their own urine which dries, flies off, and can contain more irritating allergens than the saliva. Unsuspecting humans then pick up the cute little critters, not realizing that the allergens become airborne in their homes. Forgetting to wash their hands, they then transfer the dried saliva to their eyes, noses, mouths, and skin. The dried urine or saliva on humans can result in sneezing and itchy eyes and skin. In wire cages, particles will escape and float around just as they do with cats and dogs. When they float by a human nose and are inhaled, irritation can result. If small pets are the only animals in the house that could be causing troublesome airborne particles, a small room air purifier near the cage will generate the clean air you need.

Clean Air With Air Purifiers

Pets enrich our lives and are members of the family. Mammals living indoors, including humans as we shed lots of hair and skin and pets, can cause allergic reactions. The degree varies greatly, as do the times of the year that the animal’s dander may pose a problem. Winter can be difficult, because humans and pets are stuck in tight houses waiting out the weather. Spring can be difficult, because an allergenic might already be suffering from seasonal pollen allergies and pet allergies can contribute to symptoms. HEPA room air purifiers running 24/7 in key living areas of the home, particularly where the pet lounges, and the bedroom will remove a significant amount of the floating particulate. For allergenics, clean air is the key to living happily with pets, and the key to clean air is a home air purifier.