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6 Shocking Facts About Air Pollution

According to the “State of the Air” 2021 report from the American Lung Association, four out of ten Americans live in counties with unhealthy levels of air pollution. That’s roughly 135 million people living in areas that have extremely high levels of either ozone or particle pollution. Nearly 20 million of Americans live in counties that have high levels of both.

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Long-Haul Covid and How Air Purifiers Can Help

You can be considered having long-haul Covid if you have symptoms four weeks or more after the onset of the virus. It’s estimated that between 10% and 30% of people who’ve had Covid will end up with long-term symptoms of the disease and, for some unknown reason, it affects women more than men. When it comes to long-haul Covid – there are several ways an air purifier can help. Cleaner air can reduce cough, headaches and more.

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