(Last Updated On: May 8, 2023)

Discover our standards for testing and rating the air purifiers we review. Learn about our team of product experts and what our air purifier ratings and recommendations standards are.

What do the ratings mean?


  Product meets or exceeds performance and coverage claims.
Offers excellent lifetime value and carries exceptional warranty.


  Product meets performance and coverage claims.
Offers good lifetime value and carries standard warranty.


  Product usually meets performance and coverage claims.
Lifetime value is indeterminate and carries warranty below industry standard.


  Product does not meet performance and coverage claims.
Does not carry reasonable warranty.

What are our standards for recommending an air purifier?

We set our standards based on a number of different criteria, ranging from overall product function to specific coverage area claims. Most importantly, we test filtration efficiency to ensure the air purifiers are effective at both removing airborne particles and improving indoor air quality. In addition, we only provide air purifiers that utilize HEPA or HEPA-type filters, as we have found those without to be less efficient. Airflow and coverage area are also measured to determine if the unit will be effective. In other words, if a unit has good efficiency—but a small coverage area—we will not recommend or offer it on AirPurifiers.com. Lastly, we reject products with misleading claims or ineffective technologies.

Who are our product experts?

Our product expert team is made up of individuals with strong mechanical and electrical engineering backgrounds. We are able to analyze a product for its ability to perform as specified over the long run. We complement this technical expertise with a deep understanding of how air purification products are used in homes. Our sensitivity to the needs of air purifier users is heightened by the fact that our team is based in central Texas, a place notorious for its virtual year-round allergy issues. In short, our product experts are also allergy sufferers and users of air purifier products. This perspective allows us to give more attention to detail and product performance issues that will directly impact your long-term contentment with a particular product.